What a year...  BioHazardous 2020

What a year... BioHazardous 2020

NEW!! Bio-Hazardous 2020



I always thought 2020 would be kinda cool, you know "seeing clearly",
"perfect vision", and all that.
I looked forward to it for years!

Yeah, not so much...

For us, 2020 all started off with the fireworks being cancelled at midnight New Years Eve at the Seattle Space Needle for high winds for the first time in three decades. 



Then in Las Vegas in January, there were rumblings of "something" going on in China. 

We were there when Chinese New Year was starting and there were Chinese decorations all over the place and more people coming from China every day.  Did you ever think Vegas would shut down?  Me either.

Speaking of what you thought...you always thought it would be a sweet deal to work from home, didn't you?!?

Not always a sweet deal.

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What a year...

Can we give the extra Leap Year day

back so this is over 24 hours sooner??
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