Uncommon Knowledge
Early this year, we got a call from an editor that was putting together a book for Men's Health titled "The Big book of Uncommon Knowledge". He had an idea to create spoof merit badges for the various chapters in the book he was creating that would reflect the content in a funny, visual way. Demerit Wear was a perfect fit, and we signed up right away!

We ended up creating two badges specifically for this opportunity. #249 "Maxorexic" and the second version of our original #178 "Handy" badge were made at their request. 

The Big Book arrived about a week ago, and we are so happy we decided to get involved! Joanna Williams did a great job creating the cover, and our badges are featured on the back cover as well. There is a credit on the back outside cover as well as inside the book. Let's hope we find some new fans with this! Thanks to Jeff Castari, Men's Health and Rodale Press.

We have also created a special Demerit Badge 3-pack that is the perfect gift companion to the Big Book. You can choose each badge in the set using drop-down menus so that your gift is perfectly customized to the guy on your list.


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