Scrooge has arrived for Christmas, just like every other Christmas since 1843, when Dickens first published A Christmas Carol. But this year, we believe for the first time ever, a Demerit Badge for the Scrooge in your life is available here at Demerit Wear. All those years of trying to find just the perfect gift for a holiday-hater have finally ended! Definitely more thoughtful than the traditional lump of coal, cheaper than gifting them to happiness, and easier than getting them to grasp the message of Dickens' tale. End all the grumbling about traffic, commercialism, obligations and noise by simply giving in: "You hate Christmas. We get it. Here is your gift. Wear it with pride. I got it at Yes, they specialize in people like you. Yes, I suppose it IS perfect for your Christmas stocking. Yes, it IS amazing. You're… you're welcome?"

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