I know, I know, there are so many different political Demerit Badges we could produce--why this one?

Posterity. We wanted to have at least one badge that marks the current period of time, and if we made a badge with Trump's face on it, he would surely sue the crap out of us!

Secondly, we wanted to add our stamp to the many examples of personal symbols used throughout history: The paper clip during World War 2. Hobo-glyphs of the Great Depression.  That hanger on the doorknob of a college dorm room.

Finally, resistors are cool. They are colorful. They are both small and very important. They have a code all their own painted right on the side that tells us something about them. Now you can be colorful. You can be important. You can have a symbol on your side that tells us something about you. You can be...cool.

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