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Where do you put these? Just about anywhere! They work on backpacks, helmets, heat-sensitive fabrics like polyester and nylon, even DWR (durable water repellent--the thing that makes your ski shell bead water) coated fabrics. Thanks to the innovation of Peel and Stick adhesive, you don't need an iron to apply them, so they can be used on all the heat sensitive fabrics so common in the outdoor industry. No need for time-consuming sewing that puts little holes in your gore-tex shell, either.

Does that "Peel and Stick" stuff really work? We tested peel & stick for a year before releasing it on our products. It has been through snow, rain, sun, heat, salt and general abuse without falling off. The key to durability is following the directions printed on the back of every Demerit Badge hang tag. Start with a clean surface, the smoother the better. (High thread-count cotton and woven polyester and nylon fabrics work better than a fuzzy wool or felt. Leather, plastic, glass and metal are all great.) The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so press HARD! (We have had great success tapping the badges on fabric with a hammer-just protect the patch surface with a cloth first, or strike from the back. This seems to drive the adhesive into the fibers more effectively.) Apply at room temperature. If it is too cold when they are applied, you will lower the peel strength. Most important, WAIT 3 days for full adhesion. I know you will want to see if they are sticking right after you put them on, but don't do it! Finally, if on a garment, Tumble dry ON LOW, or hang dry.

I want to sew them on--can I get badges without adhesive? So you don't trust me on the Peel & Stick, eh? No problem, you can get them without adhesive for fuzzy fabrics or if you have lots of time to sew. Check the box on the individual patch detail page. We will get a message that this particular patch or patches should ship without adhesive.

Do you offer any discounts? They are already loaded and ready to go! No codes to enter or hoops to jump through. If you order just 10 or more of the same patch, a 10% discount is applied. Also, if you order 20 or more Demerit Badges, a 20% discount is applied. (So if you are ordering 16 different patches, you may as well get 20, as they are the same price) 

Do you ship to _____________ ? Yes.

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