Demerit Wear, the Demerit Badge Company makes irreverent and funny merit badges about the outdoors to create a new brand for the less accomplished.  Our embroidered patches celebrate common mishaps and mistakes made in the outdoors, such as mosquito attacks during camping, sprained wrists from snowboarding or dropping your keys in the water while kayaking. We are proud to say: You’ve earned a “D”.
The concept was born of first hand experience. Our founder's older brother was an Eagle Scout who loved camping, but his experience was different:
“My first camping trip was in late November.  We were in canvas tents, and I had no clue as to how to set one up. Help arrived late in the evening, but by then the only space left was by the road. During the night an old pickup truck clattered by only a few feet from my head. All I had for a sleeping bag was a cotton flannel thing from a department store with pictures of ducks and hunters printed on the inside. I slept in that bag in all my cotton clothes and as you might expect, I woke up clammy and cold. I emerged from the tent to four inches of unexpected snow. Being the new guy, I had KP every night, and I was afraid of the latrine.  The waterproof matches that I was so proud to have been trusted with, served no purpose other than to get me in trouble, as we were not allowed to have matches. I had never been so happy to have gone to Sunday services, as it was the only time during the trip when I was warm. The last day, my whole troop hiked to a town in Michigan called (no kidding) Hell!  Looking back, I deserved an award for just surviving that trip!

Fast forward 20 years, and I met a girl who retrained me about being outdoors. Her family was deeply involved in the outdoor industry, and I learned about how to dress in layers, the value of buying good equipment once, and how to laugh at my own mistakes. No one is born knowing how to fire up a camp stove. Even seasoned veterans occasionally lose their eyebrows. It's the mishaps and unexpected things that can occur every time you set foot outside that make the most memorable stories, and that is what Demerit Wear is all about."