If you're looking forward to huddling around the cheese tray talking about the weather at your office party, read no further. However, if you're trying to make things spiked-cider spicy this year, try handing out some irreverent Demerit Badges.

Here are some of our favorites:

1) #124 - Old Geezer
#124 - Old Geezer

For the coworker who's been there for about a thousand years (...come to think of it, might've just come with the building). Use this as a gentle nudge towards retirement if he still uses a typewriter or routinely forgets appointments.

2) #099 - Excess
#099 - Excess

Stick this on the new guy from marketing while he's hunched over the wastebasket after one too many glasses of bubbly (...he's not gonna remember).

3) #104 - Complaint Department
#104 - Complaint Department

Hand this one out to the co-workers that are always there to listen to you rant, no matter how misguided your rage. (Remember the time you made the IT guys drop what they were doing to restart your computer?) However, if a member of your team can't stop kvetching about your leadership, throw this one their way.

4) #232 - %*&# You!
#232 - %*&# You!

Here's one for the co-worker who always speaks his or her stupid mind. Alternatively, if you are certain your last day is right after Christmas, and are the bridge-burning type, contact us for a bulk discount for everyone at your soon-to-be former office.

5) #234 - Off-Key Karaoke
#234 - Off-Key Karaoke

Award this one lightheartedly to the colleague whose well-intentioned caroling fell a bit flat. Give him a full-blown demerit if he insists on "harmonizing" (or worse, rapping).

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